Health Bounce Program Senior Centres

   The Health Bounce BPOD™ is perfect for Seniors in a Gym

Interested in setting up a new exercise program in your Senior Centre?    With the Health Bounce BPOD™ it is a FUN, EASY, EFFECTIVE, & SAFE routine due to the "C" surround that the user can hold while exercising.   This "C" surround moves with the user to provide safety and the ability to do exercises with confidence.

Besides the fact that rebounding has amazing health benefits for all, it is also a great exercise &  social opportunity for seniors, as you can see from the videos below.   A  NASA study shows that rebounding using the Health bounce is 68% more effective than jogging!    Seniors are often limited in their ability to exercise due to balance issues, joint pain, weakness, and lack of energy.    Rebounding with the BPOD™ is a game changer as it is a safe and fun exercise that can help with a lot of the health problems seniors are dealing with.     

Contact us for details on how we can help you with this opportunity for YOUR Centre.